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On June 19th, OGTV was invited to be keynote speaker at the first ever STEM Festival at Thomas Johnson Middle School. The most exciting part of this invitation was inspired by meeting a team of talented student ambassadors at the Library of Congress where OGTV was onsite to film the launch of the CBC Tech 2020 initiative.  Leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus encouraged industry to use the same entrepreneurial spirit they use when creating new technologies to become innovators in diversifying technology.  These students, draped in their Thomas Johnson Middle School black with bold gold STEM    T-shirts and OGTV initiated their common bond to advance STEM Diversity.  This was the launch of our commitment to invest in the youth of America. As you read some of the highlights, and check out today’s OGTV video Feature story, feel our passion, and the endless possibilities of America’s Black and Brown students to become 21st century innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, technology, and math experts.On this day, I realized that in order to dream big, one must bring the youth along, because they truly are the reality to our dreams.  Keith Moore, OGTV Founder


The following report was written by TJMS STEM Coordinator Daisy RayelasDaisy Reyals was among teachers around the region nominated among an elite group of educators who were honored for inspiring the next generation of engineering students with the DiscoverE  Educator Awards.  The annual recognition pays tribute to those who bring engineering to life for students in grades 6-12.  The US Navy nominated Daisy.

Impact of the TJMS STEM Festival

The STEM Festival provided opportunities for my students to showcase what they learned in STEM.  It gave them ownership of what they have accomplished as a STEM student.  It challenged them to apply critical thinking, collaboration and hard work to find solutions to a problem.  The design challenge enabled them to acquire knowledge and skills like a real STEM professionals.  As I watched them confidently present their project and answer questions I felt very proud of what they have accomplished.  The festival inspired them more to continue to pursue STEM careers.  “As a teacher, I have started to sow the seeds of STEM success in their minds and I hope that as they transition to high school these seeds will grow and bear fruit.”  The knowledge and STEM skills they learned in my class will help them to become competitive critical thinkers and problem solver students".

The questions from the judges and speaker have inspired the students, parents and staff to be more interested in STEM. OGTV Founder Keith Moore says about the judgeship participation:  "The government workers Joseph Kennedy, Associate Director - HR Solutions - U.S. Office of Personnel Mangement and NIH’s Dr. Carla Easter, Chief, Education and Community Involvement Branch -National Human Genome Research Institute are to be congratulated for taking their time out after 5pm on a Friday afternoon to spend over 4 hours sharing their professional careers, inspiring the young people with things to think about as they prepare for a summer to develop their next ladder of achievement. It was absolutely a marvel to watch this Team Approach to the student’s Success".

 To parents, Rayelas says, "the festival was an eye opener that there is a bright future for their children because they are learning STEM.  The parents of students were so impressed of their children’s presentation.  They loved the activity, and they were proud of what their children have accomplished".  

In summary, the STEM Festival had a very strong impact on students, parents and staff's interest and understanding of STEM and its importance to education.  As STEM Coordinator, I will continue to expose the students to more STEM opportunities which will help shape their future careers, and chances to become the next Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Nigerian Billionaire Tony Elumelu.

OGTV will continue working with Thomas Johnson Middle Schools as we comb the country seeking out schools like TJMS,  leaders like principal Rodney McBride, and students like these ambassadors at TJMS.  In the meantime, if you would like to invite OGTV to speak and or provide media support for your STEM event, call  us at  202-46-3423, or email


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