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Minority BUSINESS-The USBC Way

Last year, OGTV was on site at the opening of the Black owned Marriott Hotel to capture the success of Black and Brown business owners as they made their investment of time and money to attend last years USBC School of Chamber & Business Management.  Networking, seminars, panelists and keynote speakers became valuable collateral for business owners who learned the trade secrets to success.  OGTV’s professional journey with the USBC began with our very own interview with the CEO of the US Black Chamber Ron Busby last summer.  The US Black Chamber has become a nationally recognized  organization for minority businesses around the country with a focus on government contracting in addition to doing business as diversity suppliers and doing business with private industry.  Today, OGTV announces the kick off of:


July 28, 2015 - July 31, 2015

Enjoy today’s OGTV feature story and video about the USBC as OGTV dedicates this week to Minority business the "USBC Way".  Follow us on Google+, on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to view our coverage of the US Black Chamber of Commerce. 

The U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. Five Pillars of Service are the cornerstone of our platform.  They represent issues that greatly impact the growth of Black-owned businesses in America and, consequently, form the foundation of the USBC agenda.


The USBC fights for legislation that promotes small business growth, particularly policies that address the challenges of Black business owners.  We understand the importance of maintaining a bipartisan approach to advocacy, and hence, collaborate with policymakers from all political affiliations to advocate for policies that best serve the interest of the Black community.

Access to Capital

Capital access remains the most important factor limiting the establishment, expansion and growth of Black-owned businesses. The USBC works with financial institutions, particularly Black-owned institutions, to create avenues by which Black businesses can gain greater access to credit, capital and other financial instruments.


At the USBC, our goal is to level the playing field by helping members gain access to business opportunities in the private and public sectors.  We accomplish this by educating members on contract opportunities, helping them increase their capacity to vie for large scale contracts, and offering resources and information that enhance Black owners’ ability to compete.

Entrepreneur Training

The USBC is committed to helping Black business leaders achieve stellar performance and growth through entrepreneur and business management training.  Hence, we deliver quality educational opportunities and professional development resources that help our members manage and grow successful businesses.

Chamber Development

The growth and development of Black chambers of commerce is a core focus of the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.  As such, we leverage our role as a national organization, provide technical assistance and leadership training to member chambers, assist with the establishment of new Black chambers, and facilitate the sharing of best practices and industry data among our members.  To do this, we utilize a variety of mechanisms including, training, web-based tools, peer networking, coaching, and information products.

We thank USBC for the information contribution that helped to make this feature story possible. OGTV invites you to send us your video comments, and input on the the State of Black Businesses in America, and Beyond.  For Media Production services, contact us at or call us 202-469-3423 and ask for Keith Moore.    

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RT @OpenGovTV: On the first day of office when President Obama said he wanted to Open Government, we launched Open Government TV.…https://t

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RT @OpenGovTV: On the first day of office when President Obama said he wanted to Open Government, we launched Open Government TV.…https://t

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