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       Can Golf Move STEM In Communities of Color?

Approximately 30 days ago, two organizations decided to launch the first ever STEM Diversity Golf Classic.  The inaugural Golf Classic was held at one of the most exclusive private golf clubs in the country.   The history of Creighton Farms and their Development team is a corporate story that reflects a similar story of commitment by organizations like INROADS who continue to lead the nation in the recruitment of talented youth to develop students to gain internships, lead successful careers in corporate America, and become leaders in their community.

Thanks to the generous support from MetLife, OGTV was able, in partnership with Haberman-Leighton to raise funds, and to promote awareness about INROADS, and the organization’s strategic commitment to STEM Diversity.  The luncheon was held at one of the most distinguished luxury retreats in the world, the famous 5 star-resort Salamander Hotel.   The resort sits on a 340-acre estate in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 30 minutes from Dulles International and Winchester Regional airports, and less than an hour from downtown Washington, D.C.  The Salamander was the perfect place for the Inaugural Golf Classic luncheon.   The STEM Diversity luncheon speaker Dr. Bernadette Hence, Senior program analyst for the Department of Education gave the attendees tremendous insights into the realities of the current education climate, and the reasons why STEM in communities of color is not an option for the American economy, but a national priority, and a mandate.   Dr. Hence’s luncheon speech will be aired this week in its entirety on OGTV.

So as you watch today’s OGTV’s feature story entitled Can Golf Move STEM In Communities of Color?  it is important to note that this event was put together with only 30 days of planning.  The constraint on time could have easily deterred most from stepping out on such an endeavor, but organizational team work, commitment to the STEM Diversity mission, and the generous support from MetLife, enabled the right idea, a perfect location, and the opportunity to highlight INROADS intern like Rumeal Mosley from Volkswagon to become a reality.  As shared by Dr. Hence, an engineer and an educator told the luncheon audience that engineering projects require a team effort, and are the formation of ideas working together to build something.  And at this Golf Classic, team-work, support from MetLife, Creighton Farms, and Salamander Hotel enabled a start to the development of a "master plan" on how to use the golf course to Move STEM In America and communities of color.

Enjoy today’s feature.

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