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What Does Innovative Collaboration Look Like?

Today’s Feature Story entitled What Does Innovative Collaboration Look Like? is not just a story about a man named Forest Harper Jr., but it is a story about an ideology driven by purpose, passion and one man’s successful experience as an African American male in corporate America turned CEO of an international not for profit agency.  When I first sat down with Forest, Harper Jr., I had no idea that I was going to be speaking to a man who was able to so eloquently move from talking about Green Jobs, to Health Care literacy using his father as a prime example, to STEM careers, and Career literacy all in the same 20 minute discussion.  It is such experiential moments in front of the camera that truly make developing our shows on “Discussing DC with OGTV” so enjoyable.  On this show, we have the opportunity to meet with who we believe the broader marketplace would hail as, innovative leaders.


So as we share this video interview with you today, we encourage you to listen carefully to the discussion, because for me, it has led us to the creation of today’s feature story entitled:  What Does Innovative Collaboration look like?   In order to answer this question, we had to do some research, and I personally took the time to select the content by which we share with you today.  Credit for this article goes to the author of, “How Innovative Companies Collaborate” found in the January 2014 edition of Forbes magazine written by Jason P. Davis, an INSEAD Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise.  Jason begins his article by asking, what company bought you the iphone?  ( His answer helped me to even better define what collaboration looks like). He goes onto to use major aerospace companies who do not always get collaborations right, and he then describes a bit of the challenges associated with collaboration in his example.  But what really intrigued me about Jason’s article is that he asks the question; “what makes some collaborations soar and others flounder”?  And as I read, I began to think about the STEM Diversity and My Brother’s Keeper public policies that we at OGTV are focused on impacting.  Armed with some knowledge about the INROADS history, and an up front and professional examination of the  leadership at the helm of INROADS, I could not help from being encouraged that we as a country in fact could be experiencing a period time in our lives that we (for those of us on the front line  purposed and passionate) could be truly solving the worlds problems, one day at a time.  We are not simply talking about the world’s problems, we are not choosing to run from the problems, but boldly, we are building collaborations and strategies to solve the world’s problems. But, before we rush to premature euphoria about our nation's progress, it is clear from Jason’s article, that we will solve these problems successfully, only when we solve the collaboration challenge.

For fear of taking away from the power of today’s feature video, let’s suffice it to say that according to research conducted, collaborations can be challenging and the more “third party” entities bought into the collaboration mix, the more challenging it is to reach and sustain successfully these collaboration efforts. Yet, as the media organization who believes in A Team Approach To Your Success, and whose media brand here at OGTV has been built on the precepts of the Open Government Directive that calls for ALL federal government agencies to execute an Open Government Plan to be transparent, collaborative, and participatory, we are firm believers in the collaboration model that could drive this nation to its next level of success.  


As government workers, and educators transition into retirement and the millenials decide on public or private sector careers, we see much value and future success for those private industry organizations, public sector agencies, and NGO’s like INROADS who embrace the model of “Innovative Collaboration”. So today, we give you our best shot at what we believe Innovative Collaboration looks like; INROADS CEO Forest Harper Jr.

OGTV would like to thank Jason for an insightful article and encourage our audience to take a moment to visit the referring link from INSEAD Knowledge. The Business School For The World    

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