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“Mayor For Life“ Who Gave and Now..Many Are Thankful

 November 23rd, 2014, The Mayor For Life, Marion Barry transitioned from life to eternity. On this Thanksgiving Day, OGTV remembers The "Mayor For Life" who just kept on giving. Thanksgiving week tradition in Ward 8 doubled as thousands of residents waited in line for turkeys that the late Marion Barry helped provide. Barry championed the turkey giveaway nine years ago, and this year Ward 8 lined up for a total of 3,500 turkeys, and 40,000 pounds of vegetables.


For thousands of people in the District of Columbia, Marion Barry was the reason they had a job, which meant that Marion Barry was the reason they could keep their home, feed their children, and pay their light bill. Poor and working-class kids in the city have been getting their first jobs from Barry’s summer jobs programs for thirty-five years. The Barry administration increased assistance to the elderly and the poor. It was often said that “if you did not benefit from the way Barry ran the city, you probably knew someone who did”.


At 9:15pm, Monday evening, November 24, 2014, the evening of the announcement of Grand Jury decision on the Michael Brown case was read to the nation, less than 48 hours from the passing of the Mayor For Life. Today, OGTV honors this historic DC legend by sharing The Mayor’s participation on the March on Washington 50 years later. Marion Barry on stage, declares Statehood legislation is a citizen right that must pass. Maybe passing the Statehood legislation that Barry roared so loudly about is the next step in honoring his legacy.


There is so much to learn about the life of Marion Barry, but there is one thing that has become apparent to me. Marion Barry was an Ambassador for change and justice for the underserved and underrepresented by any means necessary. As founder of this OGTV internet TV program, "I will never forget the gift that Marion Barry gave to my own family that has blessed so many in the Washington DC area" over the past 50 years. So on behalf of my family, The Grace Family, The House of Prayer, and Bishop Daddy Grace, we thank you Mayor for your gift that will continue to keep on giving because you chose to live and roar like a Lion, and make good things happen for those who most needed your advocacy.

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