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Who Will Get the STEM Jobs On The Canadian Pipeline?


There are many pros and cons about the famous (or depending on your point of view, infamous) XL Canadian Pipeline Bill that has flooded the media airwaves or the past several years.  It is not unreasonable to assume that this year’s election results in the favor of the Republicans held out high hopes for a savior project in the XL Canadian Pipeline being approved by a new Senate and Congress.  Passage of the Bill to approve the Canadian Pipeline would further push the new Republican Senate majority leadership into the formidable position of leadership over the Democrats as as of January 2015. 


The political debates are much less important to OGTV than are the answers to OGTV’s Question of the Day, “Who Will Get The STEM Jobs in the XL Canadian Pipeline as a result of the passage of the Canadian pipeline project?  For many reasons, we do not have the answers today to this question, and as an authentic news media outlet, we choose not to make assumptions or share views that may sway an answer.  But, we will continue to monitor this Bill and its passage or veto because beyond the political firestorm of this highly contested debate within the political parties, OGTV wants to focus on one thing:  We want to understand how STEM Diversity is going to be advanced in the wake of an assumed passage of the pipeline, or in the event that this divisive legislation leads to what we have seen in times past the stimulus to a near government shutdown due to uncompromising gridlock between the political parties.  The House approved the Keystoen measure by a vote of 252 to 161 last week.  Nearly all Republicans voted for the bill along with 31 Democrats. 


OGTV is not as concerned about the partisan debate on the Hill and in the Senate, but we do want to know how the passage of the XL Canadian Pipeline will impact positively on STEM Diversity.   On Wednesday evening, the Huffington Post reported that “after six days of political wrangling and vote whipping, the Senate failed to pass a bill today”, forcing authorization of the Keystone XL pipeline, to dash the hopes of Republicans and Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La) after coming out on top of a tough midterm election.  Fifty-nine senators voted for the bill, one short of the 60 needed to clear the filibuster.  Fourteen Democrats joined all the Senate Republicans in voting for the bill, which was co-sponsored by Landrieu and John Hoeven (R-N.D).  The House passed companion legislation on last Friday from Representative Bill Cassidy (R-La_, Landrieu’s opponent in the run off election

News U Can Use About Canadian Pipeline:


Canada is an important player in the global mining industry.  Nearly a quarter of the top forty mining companies in the world are Canadian-owned.  There is a growing trend that has been observed in Central America toward repression and violence against those who protest mines and mining impacts.  In the past two years, activists have been killed in Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador in relationship with Canadian mining companies.  Canadian financed companies which dominate the mining sector in some countries such as Guatemala or Ecuador.

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