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Email Marketing Mistakes and Where Networkers FAIL!

 Throwing Leads Away

Case in point: I attend a lot of networking events and I usually sign up for several contact lists on clipboards. I don't worry about getting spammed. Every email in my inbox is market research for me, and at least these emails will come from companies "real" enough to have set up a booth at a trade show or expo.

However, I am amazed that some of these companies fail to follow through and email prospects afterwards. Sometimes, I wish I could call them up and demand that they give up the gold they're hoarding.

 I cannot believe that anyone can afford to make an Email marketing mistake like throwing leads away in this economy, so I must suspect they do not understand the value of the list.

Email Lists Are Goldmines

Every email address from an interested prospect contains the potential of converting a long-term customer. Email marketing puts your name in front of these prospects over and over again, with their permission. Should they ever become unhappy with your presence in their inboxes, all they need to do is unsubscribe.

Many who stay subscribed to your list continue to see your brand/name for weeks, months, or even years. They open your emails and become familiar with your products and expertise. At some point, when they are ready to purchase, you are at the top of their consciousness and more likely to get the sale.

 Do You Leverage Your List?

 When you get home from an event with a list of contacts and email addresses, your first order of business should be following up with those interested parties.

  • Send an introductory email that reminds them how you met.
  • Ask them to sign up for more information.
  • Lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.

 Trust me, if they gave you their email address, they are expecting to hear from you. Most will only take offense if you wait until they have forgotten you.

Need Help Getting Started?

Here at Brand Echo Media, I have assembled a team of kickass copywriters and Internet marketing specialists ready to help you convert your offline leads into email marketing gold.

Contact us today for your free online marketing consultation. We'll show you how to make more money when you convert your offline contacts to online sales using an integrated and efficient process using the tools you already have; your website.





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