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Selling to Telling: Marketing Now


Brands are Emotional

By now, you know all about the importance of “branding.” When the name of your product or service is mentioned, you know that you want potential customers and current customers to have an immediate emotional reaction. What you might not realize, however, is that the best way to do this in today’s new marketplace is through content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

If you’re wondering what content marketing is, you’re definitely not alone. There are savvy business people who haven’t quite figured out just how content marketing works. The answer is simple, however — content marketing is being able to get yourself brand awareness by providing users with genuine content value.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say that you’re a company that sells wholesale items from online warehouses. There was a time when the way you tried to do that was by creating sales pages and hope that people landed on those pages. For a limited time, that worked out, actually. Then, Google and other search engines grew more intricate with their search algorithms and pages that didn’t offer valuable content stopped showing up in searchresults.

So, companies found ways to incorporate sales with content. In the case of the company selling wholesale items, imagine there is an article on “How to Make Money By Selling Wholesale Items Through Online Warehouses.” This article could detail the way that selling those items earns extra money, and when it is picked up by the search engines, it might show up when someone is searching for “wholesale items” and “how to make money” and “online warehouses,” as well as a host of other potential keyword searches.

Create Content that Others Will Search For

This means that content marketing allows a company to branch out beyond its ordinary reach. By creating the kind of content that people will search for, a company’s brand can appear somewhere in the article. Even though it might not yield immediate results, there is a strong possibility that the constant branding will produce results in the future.

Make Useful Content

The key to using content marketing successfully is to actually provide useful information in the content. If you simply create fluff or use information that is available everywhere else, people are going to realize that you’re really not giving them anything valuable. When you provide information from a variety of different sources in one place, however, such as an article on “Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Operating Costs,” you’ll probably get a lot of traffic to the site.

Stay Up-to-Date on Current Trends

In order to understand the best ways to use content marketing, you might consider consulting with a professional agency that uses the wide variety of tools available in order to produce outstanding results. One way to do this is to follow Brand Echo Media on Twitter (@brandechomedia) and to sign up for the Brand Echo Media newsletter to stay current on trending in marketing.


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