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First-ever White House CS Tech Jam among events across the country marking seventh Computer Science Education Week.

OGTV had a number of news story options that we could have elected to report on this week. Divisive and disturbing as news is and can be, we elected to ensure that we gave appropriate attention to the nation’s priority to increase the number of students and teachers who engage in computer science an appropriate light of day as our OGTV Feature story.

Universities Have a Choice

First, let me start off by thanking all of the positive feedback that we have received on our last OGTV Feature story entitled:  The Education of War.

The Education of War

Admittedly, today’s OGTV Feature story has taken some weeks to craft.  Today’s story supports three themes. The first theme touches on our nation’s recent change of course on the withdrawal of our troops in Afghanistan.  Secondly, in this story, we look at the plight of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the eyes of a legacy non profit.   Thirdly, OGTV’s attempts to bring into attention, a comparison to the recruitment and retention challenges facing both Historically Black Colleges, and our US military.    We anticipated as we developed this story that  this conversation could find its way into corporate board rooms, military offices, and potentially in the halls of Congress, especially after the emergence of a tech diversity generated movement by CBC Tech2020.    OGTV does not take full credit for the authorship of all of the content of today’s story, but we are happy to give due credit to those organizations whose writings, and presentations have helped us to develop and rebroadcast a very well organized set of thoughts to discuss data supported realities.  OGTV will aspire to help create an environment to develop a set of recommendations for both HBCU’s, and the U.S. military to address these challenges by following up with additional segments to this OGTV Feature;"The Education of War".    Keith Moore OGTV Founder
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