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Grateful Dead memorabilia to be auctioned in Union, IL

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Arts & Entertainment
No tickets for the Soldier Field Dead reunion? How about a Grateful Dead kitchen table instead?

You tried to buy tickets to the Grateful Dead’s July farewell shows at Soldier Field (July 3-5). But you were too slow and and now you’re seriously considering not redoing the kitchen this spring so you can buy those StubHub seats you’ve been eyeballing all week.
Wait. What about a Grateful Dead kitchen table instead?
A kitchen table that the Grateful Dead actually sat around in California, “to drink coffee and consider the day,” say the organizers behind the Grateful Dead Family Jubilee Auction.
On April 11 and 12 at Donley Auction Services in Union, Il. (about an hour’s drive northwest of Chicago), there will be a large auction of Dead memorabilia and items owned by the members of the Dead, friends of the Dead and the band’s management. That is: Business documents. Original art from psychedelic-poster icons Rick Griffin (he did the cover of the Dead’s “Aoxomoxoa” album) and Stanley Mouse. Hand-written lyrics to “Fire on the Mountain.” Rare concert posters. And oh, yes, a gun owned by Jerry Garcia.
Also, a file cabinet from the Dead’s office (estimated value, $5,000).
And a Mickey Hart drum kit ($35,000).
And Garcia’s Screen Actors Guild card ($10,000).
The organizers are described as "a core group of key family members" of the band. If you want to preview these items before mortgaging your house to land former Grateful Dead office furniture, you need to buy a ticket ($25) for the April 8 preview in Union. More information on the auction can be found at gratefuldeadauction.com. Incidentally, there are also Dead tickets for sale - for shows that already happened.

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