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Guest Panelist Peter Vazquez: Inclusion Strategies for MBE’s at the PUSH Tech 2020 Detroit Forum on Monday, May 18, 2015

The theme of this year’s PUSH Tech 2020 Detroit Forum, “Diversity and Inclusion in Tech: Dream Makers, Risk Takers, and Money Makers,” will cover applicable strategies on how minority-owned businesses can improve their industry outreach and effectively use technological resources to optimize business opportunities.

Rainbow PUSH_Tech_2020_Detroit_ForumKeynote Speakers include Mike Miller, Head of Office for Google—Ann Arbor, Jill Ford, Head of City of Detroit Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., Founder and President of Rainbow PUSH Collation (RPC).

Learn How To:

  • Employ targeted strategies to expand your Internet outreach
  • Build profitable business partnerships within the automotive industry
  • Take advantage of government initiatives to increase diversified spending among large corporations
  • Market your products and services effectively in today’s economic climate
  • Become part of Detroit’s economic expansion and projected fiscal growth

Guest panelist, Peter Vazquez, CEO of Brand Echo Media Solutions will provide first-hand input and insights on the digital marketing agency’s role in authentically communicating with consumers in ways that also resonate with cultural values. Learn what makes minority groups greater consumers of mobile content, why they are connected more than any other groups, are heavier users of social networks and how you can leverage these opportunities.

A certified minority and veteran business owner, Vazquez personally understands the challenges, sacrifices, and resource limitations minority entrepreneurs face. As a representative of the local Hispanic community, he will bring his passion for leadership excellence, unrelenting drive, and fierce motivational commitment to the forum, offering personal experience and practical insights into the advantages created by the newest automated marketing processes.  

Rainbow PUSH conducts several national initiatives in accordance with their mission to protect, defend, and achieve civil rights by leveling the economic and educational playing fields for minorities.

Moreover, the Rainbow PUSH Automotive Project seeks to forge new partnerships and alliances within the entire scope of the automotive industry to ensure fair participation and minority involvement. Topics for discussion include employment, dealership development, procurement, finance, and board representation, as well as other aspects of inclusion.

The PUSH Tech 2020 Detroit Forum is part of the Rainbow PUSH Tech 2020 Summit, an initiative of the Citizen Education Fund and year-long campaign. It is intended to illuminate the lack of diversity among leading tech corporations and promote the participation of minorities in the global automotive and other technical industries.

On May 6, 2015, Jackson spoke at the San Francisco gathering of corporate executives and activists, renewing his pressure on Silicon Valley to intensify minority representation in high-paying tech industry jobs.  As a result of his efforts, Intel Corp. projects spending $300 million to enact diversity in its workforce over the next five years.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn the latest information on expanding your operation and taking advantage of the technological resources available for growing your business.

The reception begins at 5:30 p.m. followed by the interactive panel discussion and networking opportunities. There is no cost to attend the forum, but event registration is required for admittance. 

Sign up here to be included in this groundbreaking event.



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