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Freshi Media and Open Government TV (OGTV) Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Precision Medicine, Big Data, Education, and Diversity In Science

Washington, D.C. (July 30, 2015) -­‐-­‐-­‐ OGTV and Freshi Media will spotlight health education and economic disparities among underrepresented communities and build strategic collaborations to advance training solutions through technology, online learning platforms, and media production focused on engaging, educating and empowering minority youth. The partners are bringing their compatible missions together to create powerful change through compelling and engaging media.   Freshi Media reaches youth where they live and create, from the heart of the inner-­‐city neighborhoods to rural fringes of the United States. Freshi offers turn-­‐key ILT (Instructor led training), PTD (professional teacher development)-­‐ Freshi trainers train other site trainers, and provides immersive media camps to home schooling networks, public, charter, faith-­‐based and private school parent supported programs, company headquartered summer camps, city camps offered through municipal parks & recreation programs, and other public outreach programs.  

OGTV was created to engage, educate, and empower by building partnerships and connecting the disconnected’ in the 21st century economy, using media to advance science, engineering and technology education information, high growth entrepreneurship opportunities, and public policy essential for business growth, and diversity.  Together, these organizations will launch pilot projects with STEM focused federal agencies to ensure that the public policies focused on achieving 21st century excellence is targeted, engaging, achievable, and measurable.  OGTV and Freshi Media will produce communication strategies and campaigns through collaborations to increase communication among public policy leaders and encourage greater interest in science research with a special focus on minority and underrepresented populations.

“We at OGTV are thrilled to partner with Freshi Media.  This is a unique opportunity to bring together over 60 years of combined multi-­‐media experience, and well-­‐known entertainment personalities, to highlight public service, innovative business and industry initiatives, and promote workforce development and entrepreneurship. The partnership will advance a media campaign to MOVE Diversity in Science, Precision Medicine in America. This partnership will support the country’s all hands on deck effort to increase our global competitiveness through innovation, STEM education, and entrepreneurship," said Keith Moore, President and CEO, Open Government TV http://www.staging1.opengovtv.com

"OGTV and Freshi Media share common priorities and interests in encouraging the adoption
of attitudes and behaviors that influence all citizens through strategic communication initiatives on health and social issues."  Freshi CEO Chris Shoemaker shares, “We are energized and more educationally enabled by teaming up with OGTV.  We have a passion to help lift youth and their families up by providing a better and brighter media enriched education. With OGTV, we have partnered with a like-­‐minded company that will get this done!"

This strategic partnership will serve to open communication channels to support and/or collaborate on educational, research and promotional efforts at the national, state, and/or local levels, as well as capitalize on the individual strengths of each organization to achieve its principal goals.

About Freshi Media 

Freshi Media (www.freshimedia.comwww.freshilearningonline.com) is a leading edge, 21st Century media education company.  It was created to leverage technology with creativity, inspiring youth and educators (K-­‐12) to become tomorrow’s innovators and problem solvers.  Freshi delivers relevant and interactive media programs (digital filmmaking, video game design, apps design, 3D animation, stop-­‐motion animation, comic book/graphic novel creation & scriptwriting), computer literacy, and a project-­‐based learning approach that fosters true collaboration and teamwork.  Since 2006, Freshi programs and presentations have connected with over 450,000 youth, their families and educators across the U.S., The Hopi Nation, China, India and Puerto Rico.


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