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As we present today’s next Black History Month is “EveryDay” in Honor of STEM Diversity feature story, we choose to use a simple and summarizing theme to bring attention to the important matters of America.  Especially during a season of high political debate, there are various segments of the population who have their favorite position, and pre-disposition on matters of importance.  But, who could deny the fact that "information is powerful" (I always say) especially, "when you know what to do with it”.  So America, we honor not only the life of a musician, Teddy Pendergrass, whose life’s experiences has helped to further the trials and discovery of spinal disorder, but whose departure from this life helps us to see how important it is to cure diseases that are prevalent in society, and especially for diseases like prostate cancer.   Statistics indicate that  "African American men are more likely to develop prostate cancer compared with Caucasian men and are nearly 2.4 times as likely to die from the disease. Although scientists do not yet understand why prostate cancer incidence and death rates are higher among African-American men, it is widely believed that it is a combination of genetic differences, lifestyle, nutritional habits and medical care may all play a role in the statistics," according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  So just in the case of Precision Medicine, there could be no more important of a time to understand the power of Genomics, Big Data, and Precision Medicine, Forensic Science, and Bio Informatics.   It may be a Moon Shot, but we at OGTV believe that if we can foster a collaborative and inclusion process of broadening the understanding and the participation for those under represented and underserved to better comprehend complex public policies, then we can save more lives, reuce health care costs, increase GDP, and family income and support rising eucational costs.  


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