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Diversity Is What Diversity Does

Our first of an ongoing series of interviews in Honor of STEM Diversity Black History Month is "EveryDay"campaign has led us into the offices of the Central Intelligence Agency, more publicly known as the (CIA).  In today’s OGTV Feature story, we are introduced to an African American first generation college student turned military who went into the Air force, and retired, only to come into the CIA, out of a sheer will to continue servicing his country.  Oddly enough, joining the Agency, the day after the infamous 9-11 tragedy.   While we only touch upon in this story, a small piece of our discussion with Deputy Chief of Staff Associate Directorate of Military Affairs for the Central Intelligence Agency, Andy Anderson, we believe that you will find this interview to be inspiring, and one that reveals clearly what a commitment to cause, country, and a continued thirst to carry out the true definition of freedom really looks like.   We look forward to you being inspired to lean more about the CIA, Diversity, and Deputy Chief of Staff Associate Directorate  of Military Affairs, Andy Anderson. 


Andy Anderson impressed on us in our discussion, his passion for service, but also how he has been inspired by his training, his love for his country, and his appreciation for his humble beginnings.  Transitioned from the Air Force, and now as an Information Management Officer at the CIA, Andy has been trained to protect  information that comes from around the globe.  20 years in the AirForce has given him experiences that prepared him for such a nationally important responsibility.  His military training has equipped him for leadership at the CIA, and as an African American, Andy contributes to the Agency’s mission to expand Diversity and Inclusion.   Having such a responsible position at his level helps the CIA lead the effort to exapand Diversity by examples.  This assignment  may be one of the Agency's most important for its future, and the country's safety.  

The CIA Is Looking For Good Men and Women

Andy’s STEM background as an Information Officer can be confirmed by his love for math, specifically Algebra.  What was fascinating to learn, is that Andy was first generation college attendee.  As the first in his family to go to college, and so the lesson here for educators and students, is that the rigors of competition  particularly in STEM curriculum can be overcome by having a good mentor. So it was a reminder for us during this Black History Month is EveryDay campaign to begin looking at an organzation's plan for mentorship, leadership's value for mentorship. As a military train senior executive, one can see and hear in talking to Andy the importance of good training. An organization is only as good as it's training, and how that training helps to build character.   Andy reminded me of a funny saying that I used ot hear as a kid about "poor home training."   If we could sum up our assessment of Andy Anderson in one word, the term would be character.  

Andy is a official recruitment officer as part of his assignment for the CIA, and he enjoys that part of his job because it allows him to go into the community and seek out especially diverse students who he can talk to.   As he speaks to us about his observations around student feedback during the recruitment process the question always comes us about government compensation versus private industry compensation. Much of this discussion is driven much by the debt the student is carrying.    What Andy tries to impart to students is the value of being able to serve the country, travel around the world, and be a part of very exciting and unique projects.  And at the CIA, we all can agree that there is probably not many dull days that go on at the CIA.

 We trust that you will, after reading this story, Keep it Locked 365 @ www.opengovtv.com, become curious about looking at what Diversity does, and less about what is said about Diversity.   OGTV will provide a weekly update on this, and other powerfully inspiring stories in hopes of giving examples of what Diversity does, what Diversity looks like, and how Diversity and Inclusion impacts, and encourages positively to inspire best practices.  For your STEM Diversity story call us at 202-469-3423 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   This has been a Black History Month is "EveryDay" in Honor of STEM Diversity interview sponsored byThe ATS Group.  The ATS Group is an 8A hub zone company located in Camden, NJ.  The ATS Group provides technical services including engineering, IT support to government agencies including the US Army and Army Corp of Engineers. ATS also provides supply chain , design and contraction services to the FAA, GSA and other privates businesses along the east coast.



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