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Diversity Is What Diversity Does

Our first of an ongoing series of interviews in Honor of STEM Diversity has led us into the offices of the Central Intelligence Agency, more publicly known as the (CIA).  In today’s Feature story, we are introduced to an African American first generation college student turned military who went into the Air force, and retired only to come into the CIA out of a sheer will to continue servicing his country, oddly enough on the day after the infamous 9-11. While we only touch upon in this story, a small piece of our discussion with Deputy Chief of Staff Associate Directorate of Military Affairs for the Central Intelligence Agency, Andy Anderson, our interview  was inspiring, and demonstrated the roots of commitment to cause, country, and a continued thirst to carry out the true definition of freedom.  We believe you will too be inspired as you learn more about Andy Anderson.  

Black History Is "EveryDay" 

Summer Diversity Internships and Objectives 

 On May 18th, 1999 a diverse group of concerned students engaged in a sit-in at the University of Oregon's Johnson Hall to address the campus climate regarding issues of diversity, hate speech and hate crimes, safety, and inclusion.  Though the incident was sparked by a specific classroom incident involving racial stereotyping and threats of sexual violence, students recognize that campus incidences of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression are neither isolated nor rare.  

 The students organized a substantive list of both proactive and reactive goals and demands in an attempt to ensure the safety of all students on campus and to promote a stronger campus climate embracing diversity and inclusion at the Univ. of Oregon.   (To view the May 18th, 1999 list of goals and demands click here.)  In ensuing meetings, the University of Oregon Administration, concerned faculty and staff, and a broad group of students agreed to further research and collaborate on the proposed diversity list of goals and demands (here on out, dubbed "objectives").

            Ten student interns (chosen by a committee of student, staff, and administrative representatives) were hired by the University to continue work on these objectives over the summer '99.  A Steering Committee was also formed of which includes a broad spectrum of University faculty, staff, administrators, and students.  The Steering Committee serves as a mechanism to offer some guidance to the summer diversity interns and research in a manner which will attribute to the overall success of the University diversity objectives.  (For more information on the Steering Committee click here.) 

OGTV thanks the students of 1999 at Oregon State and the University for its support, tolerance and hopeful growth they experienced as an institution as a result of this bold project. OGTV also thanks our Mike McCaskill, an OGTV West Coast affiliate at AV Visual Affairs. 



Mike McCaskill of OGTV West Coast


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