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Reflections on Antonin Scalia’s Remarks

OGTV welcomes Dr. Anwar Dunbar to the OGTV Blog team and for his leadership support as we launch the "Open" Science Channel where our focus will be to engage the public in a discussion on science. OGTV firmly believes in the premise that "without Diversity it's not Science". We are committed to educate our audience at a time when science and technology are driving our nation to discover, innovate, and create solutions that will advance economies, and hopefully heal our world from diseases while exploring space for human existence and empowering the underserved and under represented to create an equal playing field for all mankind. 
Keith Moore, OGTV Founder.

First-ever White House CS Tech Jam among events across the country marking seventh Computer Science Education Week.

OGTV had a number of news story options that we could have elected to report on this week. Divisive and disturbing as news is and can be, we elected to ensure that we gave appropriate attention to the nation’s priority to increase the number of students and teachers who engage in computer science an appropriate light of day as our OGTV Feature story.

Veterans Day From a Filmmakers Lens

On this Veterans Day, we not only acknowledge the brave men and women who have bled, sacrificed, and died for their country and the Fredom in which we enjoy, but with our recent visit to Hollywood and our new media partnership with the International Family Film Festival, OGTV would like to pay tribute to some of the 

Family Veteran produced or theme focused movies that were shown this past weekend at Raleigh Studios with our personal thank you for the genius that went into their film production.  

Freshi Media and Open Government TV (OGTV) Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Precision Medicine, Big Data, Education, and Diversity In Science

Freshi Media and OGTV have formed a partnership to connect public policy leaders, agencies such as NIH, Department of Education, NASA, and other STEM focused agencies to underrepresented constituencies to the power of science, the awareness of Precision Medicine, and the practical application of Big Data. The goal of the partnership is to inspire the next generation of scientific workforce and to promote American innovation.

Welcome OpenGovTV's Latest Blogger - Tracy Adams

A California native, Tracy Adams moved to the east coast to follow her dream of going to college and having a career in the Washington D.C. area. She received her undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Howard University and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Computer Science from George Washington University.

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