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Peter Vazquez

Peter Vazquez

Peter Vazquez is the C.E.O of Brand Echo Media Solutions, a Minority and Veteran owned Interactive Advertising Agency. Brand Echo is a Limited Liability Company and the first fully-owned and operated minority ad agency in the state of Michigan. Peter is a seasoned, reputable and highly experienced Internet Marketing Executive with a proven record of creativity, technical knowledge, and a solid list of accomplishments. He is dedicated to increasing his client’s brand reputation and brand awareness by using his many years of experience on the web and providing interactive media solutions that have been proven to drive results.

Mr. Vazquez stands out above the rest in this industry with a degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University--a pioneering achievement in a truly 21st Century field that demands rigorous know-how and expertise. He has applied his mastery of Internet Marketing to developing contemporary tools and methodologies for companies and individuals in search of effective solutions that achieve online marketing goals in the most efficient, fully-integrated ways.

"The Internet has changed how companies do business and consumers have also changed how they buy products and services.  Peter, as well as his clients, have learned that having a website is simply not enough in today’s marketplace.   Companies must now be in tune with their website visitors and reach out to them in this competitive online marketplace.

In an environment such as today's Internet culture, consumers are continuously searching to access information freely that will aid them in their online decision and purchasing process, when they are doing approximately 80-90% of their purchasing online.."

Website URL: http://www.brandechomedia.com

Commercial Construction Inc Logo Reveal

Commercial Construction Inc Logo Reveal

While providing our existing client ongoing inbound marketing services, Brand Echo captured footage of the client's heavy machinery moving capabilities. In the process of editing the footage captured, the video editing team created a logo reveal animation to play at the start of every video created for the client.

TVI Logistics 1 Minute Explainer Video

TVI Logistics 1 Minute Explainer Video

TVI Logistics, a Warren, Michigan and certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, was in need of a short animated video that explained their logistics services. Brand Echo provided the client a script, creative concept, voice-over talent and post production editing of a 1 minute finished video.

Why business owners need to make time for Google Plus

Why business owners need to make time for Google Plus

After 2 years of its launch and the company’s shares reaching over $1,000 for the first time in recent weeks, many companies are spearheading the use of Google Plus for business to expand their marketing footprint. As a business owner and manager, it is time to re-evaluate your SEO strategy and pay special attention to your Google Plus presence. This giant social media network has more than 500 million users, more than one million business pages, and can add a 10-15% increase in referral traffic, besides boosting your keywords rankings.

FREE Download - 21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques

Businesses are growing more aware of the need to understand and implement at least the basics of search engine optimization. But if you read a variety of blogs and websites, you’ll quickly see that there’s a lot of uncertainty over what makes up “the basics.” Without access to high-level consulting and without a lot of experience knowing what SEO resources can be trusted, there’s also a lot of misinformation about SEO strategies and tactics.

So we put together a FREE DOWNLOAD of a "21 Step  - SEO" checklist to improve your search engine rankings or for new sites that aren't ranking yet. Click the Read More link to download.

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