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Dr. Cynthia Clauson

Dr. Cynthia Clauson

Dr. Clauson’s academic and professional focus for the past two decades has been on the development of critical thinking assessment software tools and online courses. Her work supports teacher and administrator development through coaching and curriculum assessment and has demonstrably increased student results in problem solving and critical thinking in all content areas.

She has proven her methodology through research and implementation at institutions as varied as rural school districts in Washington State and a joint program between the Duke Ellington School and George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Dr. Clauson holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Gonzaga University and is in charge of all software specifications, teaching methodology, consulting, and training development.

Website URL: http://www.educationinnovations.com

Talented individuals who have contributed their gifts and whereby benefitted all of us

George Washington Carver

We have numerous inventors and contributors from all walks of life throughout our great nation that are well known and not so well know at all.  We would never have discovered these talented individuals who have contributed their gifts and whereby benefitted all of us if we had keep to the notion that gifted and talent comes in one type of package,  and is identified using a narrow prototype of a person. There are innovators who have created, discovered and manufactured from every day household essentials to life saving medicines. Needless to say, these innovative leaders would never have been discovered if we as a society had not looked in every corner of our nation for what they had to offer.

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